jaxon’s birth day // may 14, 2012




ben & angela // maternity session

While we were waiting for a baby to be born, Angela asked me if I could take her maternity pictures. We combined a birth info meeting and photo shoot in one day, (which was a brilliant idea.) I very much enjoyed getting to know this couple before the big day and kept hoping that they would rub off on me in someway. They were so sweet and welcoming and happy.

laney & emery // nursing session


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This is the baby from my first birth back in January. Emery Reese. And she’s responsible for my new found love of birth photography. You may have met her a few posts back at her birth, watched her birth video and then again at her sleepy newborn session. So say hi to Emery again who is now two months old and ready for a nursing session!

A behind the scenes happy, full and contented pic…

isabel // portraits


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Today I bring you my first client shoot of 2012 that doesn’t involve babies. (: Isabel and I visited one of my favorite gardens, a happy little place called Chandore. This girl! I’ve watched her grow up!

Waiting on a some unsuspecting garden strollers to get out of the background of our picture…  tap tap.

Then my good friend, (Isabel’s mother) stepped in front of the camera.

i heart faces photo challenge // happiness

I’m giving the I Heart Faces challenge a go this month! The photo challenge theme is ‘happiness’, and I keep noticing we’ve got this happy little place over in a field in my backyard. It’s covered with wild yellow butterfly bushes, (I’ve been told they are weeds) and it looks to me just like a happy place to curl up in and watch the dancing butterflies. So, today I decided to use my favorite model and friendly next door neighbor, Alek, for the face part of the I Heart Faces challenge.

Baby Bonnet Giveaway

A new day has begun and I would like to share a little giveaway with you! (I can’t believe I’m giving it away. I want to keep it.)

If you love vintage baby bonnet photography props as much as myself, just follow these three steps to enter!

1. “Like” my photography page, W Rhea Photography

2. Share the giveaway on your own Facebook wall

3. Comment on the Facebook Baby Bonnet Giveaway post here

Share! Share! Share!

The giveaway, at the moment, doesn’t have a closing date. This bonnet is made from a rose pink Lennon, newborn size and specifically made for photo prop use. (But any of you mamma’s with a spring baby might enjoy too!)

emery reese // newborn session


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And can you believe how she’s growing? This baby girl and her family are going to be forever significant to me, having taken part in Emery’s birth and then going on to find a few photography passions inside of me I didn’t fully know were there. (They look like babies.) So THANK YOU to all those who helped in any way, and thank YOU for reading along.

clara marie // newborn session


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As you can tell… an only sister to two big brothers is THIS baby – a rosy pink girl named Clara. Clara was a little older ( days) than when I like to photograph newborns. We didn’t pay any attention to that little matter though, and just took our time starting at 2:00 in the afternoon and ending at 7:00 something that evening. (: